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Leverage the full potential of embedded Linux and its open-source ecosystem.

Working with Lenewt

Some unique benefits

Whether you require assistance with a specific part of your project or its entire life cycle, we offer you the ability to maintain fine control over your development roadmap. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you have unique insight into the progress of every phase of your embedded software project, eliminating any worries about its status on the roadmap.

We will help you achieve the best energy efficiency, maintenability, intuitivity, stability, security and evolutivity on your embedded software.

What you will get

By choosing our services, not only will you be able to leverage the full potential of Linux to achieve your specific customer satisfaction goals, but you will also benefit from the latest technical and methodological advancements in the embedded Linux open-source community ecosystem. This includes gaining access to the most powerful tools and distributions available.

Expect comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of your software, from requirements gathering to end-of-life implementation you can count on us every step of the way.

All this while keeping control over the cost, schedule and quality of your embedded software development.

About Us

Founded in February 2019 by Nathanaël LANDAIS, LENEWT is located on the outskirts of Lyon, in the southeast of France. It is composed of a team of complementary talents in software engineering for embedded systems and open-source solutions.

Our Mission

We decipher and make the open-source ecosystem more accessible, and we share this expertise.

We harness the potential of Linux to design, develop, and maintain more robust, scalable, intuitive, and secure embedded systems and applications.

We work on the low-level software layers all the way to Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs), serving the most demanding use cases.

Our Vision

To foster the emergence of new use cases for interconnected embedded systems by removing economic barriers related to software development.

To master and optimize the carbon footprint of interconnected embedded systems through software eco-design.

To be a trusted partner for innovators.

Our Values
  • Trust
  • Pursuit of impact
  • Reliability
  • Commitment to our promises
  • Passion
  • Employee / collaborator well-being
  • Pursuit of excellence


From study to implementation.

Our expertise on embedded Linux software development starts from the architecture of the software. We build user-friendly Human Machine Interfaces, compatible Input/Output communications, from low level CAN bus to 5G connectivity.

Our commitment goes beyond the application layer, we can also fine tune your embedded Linux distribution, integrate your manufacturer's BSP and ensure a smooth boot process.

diagramme expertises

Wondering what technologies we use ? Here is what we currently use, an ever growing list as we strive to find the best technology for different and specific use cases.

Project management tools
Development tools


Lenewt provides consultancy and implementation support across all phases of your project.

Audit and Diagnostic

Expert opinion Existing application code quality review Existing application bug solving Best practice review and more...


Technological choices Licensing costs optimization Specifications Feasibility Architecture and more...


Development in accordance with specifications Source code standardization MVP and PoC development Developer experience enhancement and more...


Writing relevant test cases Conducting unit tests Conducting integration tests Conducting validation tests and more...


Deployment method choice Application transfer to production environment Mass loading of software configurations Technical support procedures implementation and more...


Advisory on process automation for maintenance Corrective, preventive, and evolutionary maintenance and more...


Kalea Plus

Kalea Plus is a bean-to-cup machine used by baristas.

The machine is fully automated and allows for the preparation of hot beverages in a single motion. It manages the selection of multiple drinks through a queue, making it easy to prepare drinks for several customers consecutively.


Kaptrek is a connected sports watch. Designed as an outdoor guide, the project is led by the startup Fab'One.

The watch is connected to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth for communication and messaging features. It also functions autonomously for essential features such as mapping.

Cafitesse Excellence Touch

Excellence Touch is another coffee machine designed for the hotel industry, under the brand JDE (L'Or Espresso).

The machine features a large touchscreen with an intuitive, animated, and modern user interface. It is capable of dispensing a cup of coffee in just 6 seconds!

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